I wanted to thank you for having the vision and insight to develop and offer a class such as the Smart Grid GCC Master Class 2012.  Here is what I want to share with you. In terms of my current business and professional position, yesterday may have been the single greatest and most valuable one day learning experience I have ever been a part of in my entire career and I have attended many Shukran.

Best Regards, Terence L. Bolden, CEO SebaiCMET, Inc. ”We Make It Clean and Green

fazilDear All, On behalf of the Masdar community I thank all of you for the wonderful opportunity we had at the Smart Grid Master Class. Special thanks to the event organizers for bringing up all the experts under a single umbrella and instilling the delegates with exact gains, issues, concerns and needs in the Smart Grid arena. With not being just a Slide and Claps event, the class truly stood out from all the other conferences. The interactive session was the real icing on the cake. The elite panel of speakers was indeed one among the very best we have ever witnessed. Masdar is looking forward to more such conferences and for other future collaborations. On behalf of Masdar, I welcome you all to Masdar City, Abu Dhabi. We will be more than delighted with your presence and future engagements.

Thanks and Regards,
Fazil Abdul Rahiman | فاضل عبد الرحمن President -Student Government Association Masdar Institute , Abu Dhabi

I have not seen this level of content before in any Smart Grid event, which was put together in this great Master Class and the entire audience appreciated this a lot”. Abhay Bhargava , Head – Energy & Power Systems Practice  MENA Region, Frost & Sullivan International Inc.

bruce“It was a pleasure to participate with such a knowledgeable set of speakers Ravinder from who I learnt a great deal.”

Best regards

Bruce Smith 
Business Advisor, (ADWEA)

We highly appreciate your generous invitation to the SMART GRID GCC MASTER CLASS 2012, it was by far the best smart grid forum I’ve ever attended, the experts share with us very useful and practical knowledge.  Mustafa A. Shahin
Sr. Engineer R&D Asset Management – Distribution Maintenance Dubai Electricity and Water

badriDear Ravinder… I would like to thank you and your organization and colleagues for your contribution for building EE awareness in UAE, …. through this event which was a success and we should thank you for that. Thanks again and best regards
Mohamed Badri
Director General Emirates Authority for Standardization & Meterology, UAE


It was a very-well organized event and I have highly appreciated the quality of speakers and presentations.

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to the next year’s conference.

– Virginie Clemancon

Manager | Strategy Consulting, Deloitte & Touche (M.E.)

andrew“What A Great Class it was. As a presenter I was very impressed with the caliber and level of engagement of the audience. It was a great opportunity for all of us to share”

Andrew Roehr
Managing Director – Utilities at PwC Houston, Texas Area


kelly“Your event surpassed all my expectations and I learned so much from listening to the various speakers on their diverse backgrounds and expert subjects. The interaction among the delegates during break periods was also very enlightening.”

Warmest regards,
 Georgina Kelly
Director Business Development Creative Intelligence Strategic Brand Design Consultants Dubai | UAE



le bai“It has been a great pleasure to be associated with your great initiative and with the high quality of speakers and agenda.  Well done again on making this event available to students! And thanks to Merin for her great support. Looking forward to interacting with most of you in the future.”

Sandrine Le Biavant
Division Manager – Sustainable Consultancy at Farnek Avireal | United Arab Emirates

“Thank you very much for providing this platform to us.  Although I could not attend, I got a very positive feedback from my colleagues”
Umesh Mandlekar
Siemens LLC, Abu Dhabi

lawenceIt was very interesting program and appreciate the effort of TPS to promote the concept of energy saving in UAE . We shall happy to extend our support wherever required to promote the concept of energy saving be it retrofit solution , energy efficient motors and energy efficient solutions.”

Centre of Competence for Large Drives, MENA Region Regional Business Development Manager Siemens LLC,Abu Dhabi

val“Thank you for the opportunity to be associated with Energy Savers Conference 2012. It has been our pleasure to attend and interact with the guests at this event. We hope Energy Savers will grow to be a leading annual event and raise more awareness on sustainable solutions in the UAE.  We’ve found the conference agenda to be interesting and up to date”
Valentina Lotfy
Conservation Communication DEWA

Ravinder has made immense contribution to my professional life. He was my trainer, coach in early part of my career. His strengths are excellent technical knowledge, great presentation skills, superb people management backed by a warm personality. There is no doubt that he will a great contributor at senior level of any professional organization.”
~ Yatin Deo, Regional Managing Director FEDE, the SWITCH & LIGHT tailor, UAE

Ravinder has been a great ally in the effort to advance electrical safety. I admire his genuine commitment to safety and appreciate all of the support he has provided the Electrical Safety Foundation International over the years. He is a true asset to the electrical industry and I look forward to seeing the many great contributions he is sure to make in the field.”
~ Brett Brenner, President at The Electrical Safety Foundation International, USA

Ravinder Bhan at TPS has a wonderful gift of bringing great minds together. He is forward thinking and invests in developing people as the cutting edge of the future. He is a good company to engage and will be an asset.
~ Dr. Sudhir Andrews, Executive Director at SkillMaker Training Services, UAE

Ravinder Bhan, one of those few individuals who make every one admire and smile while dealing with them. Though I have never met him in person, I never felt so while dealing with him. This is the special ability which helps individuals like us who look for guidance and support from external world and believe me, he has always guided and mentored in his full ability.”
~ Vinod Panchal, L&T Training Centre at Baroda India

It was a great pleasure for me to know and work with Ravi. We both were on the same panel at a conference talking about growth, innovation, and leadership, and had an exciting discussion. I found Ravi very knowledgeable and current on the prevailing technologies and solutions for the power grid. Ravi is a thought leader, and enjoys a charming personality that makes him easily approachable and easy to work with.
~ Dr. Wajdi Ahmad, GE Global Research, Oil & Gas Technology Center, USA

Ravinder Bhan, One of the most respected and admired individuals in the society for his open minded and helpful approach. He has mentored and shown right path to many and is still doing the same. I am one of his students who learned serving society from him. Will always has great respect for him”
~ Tushar Vashnavi Sales Manager – East Africa at Canon Middle East

Ravinder is an effective team builder, trainer and mentor with a passion to bring out the best in those that he works with. It is my pleasure to recommend him in his work ethic and his commitment to his company.”
~Jeannie McLaughlin, MA Executive Director Feliciano Financial Group, FFG Dallas, USA

Yes we know each other for more than 20 years, I see in Ravinder a man who is always open to new thinking. He is a rare breed who can be vigilant /patient in spite of being restless to implement new ideas. A gem of a person who respects everybody regardless of his position in hierarchy etc. He has a very pleasent persona which ‘eases’ a person talking with him. With his flare for ‘training’ & ‘teaching’ coupled with administrative abilities he by himself is a huge ‘training center’
~ Vinayak Patwardhan, Owner at Patwardhan Consultancy, Mumbai India

Larsen & Toubro believed in the philosophy of continuously upgrading the knowledge level of all -both in house and outside. I must say Ravinder has done a good job in imparting knowledge to all concerned with the business and carried the responsibility effectively as head of switchgear training and development in L&T
~ Sudhakar Shanbhag, General Manager Supreme Electrical , Dubai , UAE

Ravinder Bhan has been a great source of inspiration for me as a student in REC Srinagar where he was 4 years my senior , and later on in professional life when he was Heading Training at L&T. I have always admired him as an original thinker and a person who believes in action. I recall with pleasure our endless debates over switchgear business and future .I am happy to see professionally Ravinder has made a mark in every organization he has worked and is open to sharing his experiences with all for their benefit.
~ Vinay Mahendru, MD of a $ 200 Million Electrical Manufacturing Business India

Ravinder Bhan was an ‘out of the box’ thinker before that term was invented. He is acutely observant, naturally eloquent and has the ability to grasp perspectives others miss. Back then (15 years ago), I had sensed that Ravinder has it in him to become a leader. I am happy he has realized his potential.
~Jairam Menon, Joint General Manager, Larsen & Toubro

I have always appreciated your aggressive marketing strategies. There is a lot to learn from you
ASHOK GULATI, Chief Executive ( Marketing ), C&S Electric Ltd, USD 190 Million,


“Bhan is a good leader/ manager that knows the industry in the region and global trends. A forthright person who is interested in making things happen and moving them along. Has diverse interest in people places and happenings !”
~ Venkat Narayan, CEO, Al Anwar Holdings, Oman


When everyone says ‘not possible’, Ravinder says ‘possible’. He was instrumental in making Voltamp a
next generation company. Ravinder has the broad vision, the business acumen and the leadership qualities to carry forward an organization. Besides being an excellent boss to work with, his colleagues
also happen to remain his very good friends.”
~ Rajiv Hingorani, Vice President ABB India, Oman

Ravinder Bhan’s management expertise and knowledge is enviable. And so is his knowledge of the Electrical Industry especially the LV Switchgear is enviable. His command over English language is enviable. His excellent presentation skills bring out the effective meaning behind any project or situation. His focused approach to setting goals and achieving them, have been the hallmarks of his success. He has a unique style of getting things done no matter how difficult these may look or sound. His leadership style encompasses the “human” boss in him and he has always been a helping hand to all in times of crisis. His emphasis on due diligence to his team brings the best from the team. He has the guts to embark on Projects never undertaken previously and I am sure he will succeed in all his assignments.”
~Aasit Naik, General Manager, Voltamp Transformers Oman LLC

“Ravinder Bhan is an institution in himself. His ability to enhance confidence and develop usable relevant skills in a trainee was unmatched. The quality of the training imparted by him was exceptional. Most of the things he taught us during some brief but regular programs some 25 years back are still working for me. Some of them are still fresh in my mind like- finesse to the delivery of the product presentations, Performance management and appraisals, besides how to recognize the store of resources in oneself. His major contribution in my sales skill development was to raise my personal awareness of the impact in make on others both internally and externally while facing clients and competition. His sessions used to encourage us to discuss, interact, role play # it was so much of a fun!.”
~ Tribhuwan Anand, Owner Director of a USD 10 million Electronics Business in Canada

“Ravinder has several unique and evident attributes: insightful knowledge of the electrical industry, quick grasp of business issues, natural flair for numbers, self organization & awareness, stamina & drive to accomplish goals, and outside-the-box-thinking to generate solution options for business challenges. His most outstanding assets are (1) the ability to stay calm in the midst of any crisis, (2) keep the delicate balance between the short term versus the long term, (3) render support to colleagues even at the cost of his personal priorities. Ravinder will excel in any business leadership role of national and international scope.”
~ Ajay Koul, Director, Global OEM Business Development, Schneider Electric, USA

Ravinder is a born leader with a unique style of working towards creating an organization driven by
values and passion for excellence. I admire Mr. Bhan’s dedicated, diligent and divine leadership.
~C.P. Srivastava, General Manager, Voltamp Manufacturing Co., W.L.L. Qatar,

Ravinder is an institution builder. He has the uncanny knack of being able to tap the right talent, being sound technically himself besides being a great administrator & a wonderful team player. He was able to set up the very first Switchgear Training Center in the country in a remarkable short time, which contributed to the growth in business & enhancing the technical expertise within the organization. I have no doubt that he will come out in flying colors in any capacity”

Oh my what a brain! Ravinder has one of those rare multi-cultural multi-faceted minds that is interested in everything and in learning, quickly, how to handle it. He has a broad grasp of business here in the UAE as well as globally and the knowhow to fix knotty problems efficiently. And he’s a naturally talented networker who works on developing that talent to the highest. Add that to a man who is kind and encompassing, makes connections and lets you into his world freely and openly and you have a business partner of great talent and effectiveness. I am lucky to have him as a friend. Anyone will be lucky to be able to grab him as a business partner or employee.”
~Martin Thomas Group Director, Al Habtoor Group, UAE

Ravinder Bhan was my first trainer when I began my career with L&T. He is wonderful as a trainer and as a person. His knowledge and skill in Switchgear made even the uninteresting training sessions quite exciting and useful. His personality makes anyone who has interacted with him once, remember him forever. I am proud to have known him.
~ Rakesh Jha, Sr Dy Gen Mgr, Larsen & Toubro Limited, New Delhi India

Ravinder has come very handy at many times & is a true professional. His attitude to help others displays the great leadership talent in him. I am privileged to know him, I am sure success will always follow him.
~ Susil S. DUNGARWAL, Founder & CEO, Squarefeet Management Pvt. Ltd

Ravinder Bhan is a through-bred business professional and an excellent client to have. Besides his expertise in leading a profitable manufacturing business, his clarity of corporate funding and banking norms is a welcome shift from the general client CEOs, we bankers deal with. I am glad that I had an opportunity to provide finance solutions to his organization while I was at Bank Dhofar
~Virendra Raina, Dy. General Manager & Head, Corporate Banking Group, Bank Dhofar.

A brief encounter with Mr. Bhan when he was in India to recruit people for his Oman operations, gave an impression that he is a focused and committed professional. He knows his field of expertise in depth and a very hands on professional committed to quality and excellence.
~ Manjeet Singh, Manager- International Business, Havell’s Group, India

Mr. Ravinder Bhan is an excellent mentor and guide for young managers working with him. His ability to lead a team to deliver challenging results within defined timelines helped us to increase the market share of our products dramatically. He enjoys to foray into new areas and new projects and to set an example for others. He holds high knowledge of the industry and it was during his leadership we could bag some of the largest value orders from clients who were not giving business to us before. His ability to get along and work well with people of all levels makes him an excellent boss to work with.”
~ Ashok Bhambhani Head S&M (Strategic Segments), RPG Group Mumbai India

Ravinder Bhan is a cheerful, hardworking professional who pays a great deal of attention to detailed execution of projects. I have seen him systematically grow the L&T Switchgear Training operation in India both in terms of process, offerings and infrastructure. Besides being a through professional, I have found him to be a good friend. He has a sense of humor and is good at building positive relationships.
~ Arun Wakhlu, Owner, Pragati Leadership Institute(P) Ltd. Pune India

“A man of honor, extremely genuine, very caring and a nurturing human being I have been very blessed to be associated with. Not having him as an active member involved with KYKO-World is my loss!! No matter how busy, he does not forget to ensure that he comes through for any one who needs him – doing it genuinely from his heart.
~ Rubina Ali Khan, Proprietor KYKO-World, Malaysia

I happened to meet Mr. Ravinder at Bangalore for a discussion on the “Leadership Drive 2010″. During our discussions, there were some perspectives given by Mr. Ravinder, which was pertinent to the subject of which I had not thought about. His ability to look at things from a fresh perspective is what makes him a fantastic ideator. Also his kind words and encouragement is something that inspires one to move ahead. With the brief interactions I have had with him, I believe he is someone who has great eye for detail, innovative, ideator and a terrific inspiration.”
~Dewaker Basnet Soft Skills Training Consultant, Writer & Media Observer Bangalore India