war slideWhile there are always targets to be achieved or over-achieved!), how often do you analyze, explore and use your inherent potential? How often does your team push to their full limits and over perform? Yet another perspective – There could be more potential in the market than what meets the eye. The workshop helps participants tap their inner strengths in relation to available market opportunities. The inspiring sessions would impart practical skills to help participants push across improved levels of performance. And that’s not all. We will provide you a post course support for six months to support implementation and traction, to ensure return on investment. “Win & Retain” workshop by TPS World Learning is the result of years of experience and research on most important needs of Sales and Services executives at various levels. Meant for teams who strive not only to reach their targets, but to go that extra mile to deliver a WOW experience.

Your investment in “Win & Retain” will be far lower than the returns from extra sales and services that would result from these extra skills.Discounted fees are applicable groups of more than 3 delegates.


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