Total L&D Solutions

TPS World Learning is the one stop shop for all your learning needs across all levels. This learning is based on the latest research from over a dozen countries and delivered by qualified and experienced Trainers handpicked personally by the Principal Consultant. Combining the expertise of a number of global experts who have actually run business on the ground for several years, TPS is in a position to advise and implement The L&D Solutions.

  • TPS delivers these as in-company programs customized for your organization.
  • The courses are delivered by multi lingual trainers who speak English and YOUR language – be it Arabic, Hindi, Malayalam, French, Spanish or Urdu.

A TPS trainer acts as a reliable facilitator to help your exact business needs empowering your teams and managers with required skills and expertise. We continue to work along with participants for a period of three to six months to help them actually implement the learning.

To help you locate the right training and learning solution from over 300 subjects/ titles, given below is the broad categorization of our offerings.



Certified Behavioral Training

Click here to view over 90 courses accredited by Institute of Commercial Management (ICM) UK. If you find your needs appearing in more than one course, or if some of your precise needs do not get covered in the same course, we will be glad to suggest a blended solution which takes up topics, of your specific interest, from various courses and creates a single course which meets all of your exact needs.

How you Benefit

With an international panel of trainers who have actual ground experience in your exact business area, TPS is in a position to service your precise needs rather than offering an off the shelf set of canned courses. To arrange a consultation about your customised solution please email

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