TPS World Group Services offered


Our Commitment : Only the Best

TPS brings together a worldwide team of professionals, sharing knowledge and experience they have gained around the world to help you benefit from timely insights on the most pressing issues. And we provide you with SOLUTIONS that are tailored to your needs. Wherever you are in the GCC, we support you with expertise from across the world.

No wonder then whether you attend a training program with us or receive one of our consulting solutions, you will not feel as if something imported in imposed on you from an alien world. We make it your own solution.

The trainers and instructors we deploy are not only chosen from amongst the best, but also  on the basis of their ability to communicate in the language of the recipient.


Our Consultants & Facilitators come from :

  • Middle East Region
  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Asia & Far East
  • MENA region
With this expertise we offer Training and consulting solutions in

  • Management Development
  • Technology
  • Process Improvement and Control
  • Leadership and Strategy
  • Business Communication
  • Soft Skills
We offer these services as

  • Public Courses
  • Inhouse Training
  • Problem Solving Solutions
  • Advisory
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Research Projects
  • Conferences

And at the end of it – each solution is personally supervised by the Principal Consultant, who has over 28 years of global experience in various fields

We are sensitive to local cultural needs and all our solutions go through a tough process of being cleared for cultural compatibility.