Leading the organization to 21st Century through Strategic Planning, Performance Management & Strategic Excellence


Why This Course


  • Did you know RadioShack, one of the biggest retail store chain in the USA at one time, took the last step in its demise on Feb. 5, 2015 when it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy?
  • Closer home did you know Micromax, which started selling mobile phones in 2008, become the 10th largest mobile phone brand Worldwide in June 2015?
  • While the RadioShack’s story screams a lesson to companies everywhere: “Adapt or Die”, Micromax success is largely attributed to a clear strategy from day one.

Having a clear strategy from day 1 is “nice to have”, but the CEO often inherits a baggage of wrong or unplanned strategies.

If that sounds too challenging consider this.

  • Did you know 8 big companies went bankrupt in the US and no one ever knew? They decided it was never too late to create and implement a strategy which would bring them back to glory and sustain it. They worked silently to revive and actually revived before the word reached many?

The CEOs’ version of this program is created and presented to help participants understand the need to design a strategy and a strategic plan or refurbish an existing one, and more importantly to create an implementation mechanism right from the very top to the very bottom of the organization.

And the GM/ VPs’ version helps the top management team below the Board of Directors to get aligned with, and develop an understanding of, the organizations Strategy and Strategic Plans, Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives and Core Values; understand the need and process to communicate the same to last person in the organisation and monitor its performance on a periodic basis.


At the end of the program the participants will be able to:

  • Define difference between Strategy and Strategic planning for their organization.
  • Identify the various steps in the strategic planning process.
  • Understand how to Initiate and manage a strategic planning process at their own organization.
  • Determine appropriate tools for strategic planning
  • Understand the strategies for evaluation of various business options
  • Initiate organizational support and involvement in the process
  • Develop communication strategies to promote the strategic planning process
  • Identify partners to be involved in strategic planning process at their organization
  • Lead and Participate in the strategic planning process
  • Monitor and improve the results from Strategic Planning at their organization


  • What is Strategy – in our personal, corporate or social life?
  • Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives, Core Values: Are these just jargons? Vision Mission Exercise
  • Strategic Planning, Process and Elements
  • Strategy Formulation, Spotting Value Adds, Alignment. Models
  • Critical Question Analysis, SWOT
  • The RACES criteria for various options.
  • Strategic Excellence and Strategic Advantage
  • Group Discussion: Strategic Excellence in manufacturing /sales (depending on group mix)
  • Execution Strategy : Implementing Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Goal Setting : SMART Goal Exercise and beyond SMART goals
  • Case Study: HR Strategic Planning
  • Performance Monitoring, KRA KPIs and Balance Score Card
  • Work Out: Implementing Strategic Planning at my organization

What you will receive

  • Course Workbook:
    This is a place for participants to add their action plans and learning, whilst also containing information about the course and a place to work on exercises and activities
  • Session Plan
    Details what is included in the course, so participants have complete awareness and can track course progress
  • PowerPoint Slides:
    A copy of all slides run during the course.
  • Activities/Exercises:
    A detailed explanation of the activities/exercises used during the learning process
  • Lunch & Tea Breaks on all days
    A certificate of completion

ICM, UK certification (optional)

The complete course content is accredited by the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM), guaranteeing professional standards from a leading global professional body. The course is tried and tested at the highest level in some of the UK’s largest companies.

Delegates wishing to have an additional certification by ICM are required to complete a work book which will be given by the instructor and taught in the class. The original workbook will sent to UK and a certificate issued directly from there. The ICM certification costs are additional and should be checked with the Training manager

Your Action

This course is regularly available as a public course or delivered in-company, customized to your precise needs. For public sessions please see our calendar at http://www.tpsworldlearning.com/trainingplan20152016/

Fees as mentioned in the calendar must be received before the course date.

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