Based on our years’ of experience in having actually worked in organizations of all sizes at senior levels, TPS offers an unbiased independent external assessment of your entire head count or a selected team / department recommending what’s available verses what’ rationally required for the desired level of quality and quantity. A well conducted competence review of your team members in crucial roles will give a clearer view of each individual’s current level of skills and areas identified for improvement all aimed at creating an environment that will ensure consistently higher productivity and high-quality output. It could turn your entire team into exceptional contributors.
TPS has active contribution and support from a global combination of experts, each an accomplished professionals with over 20 years of multinational experience.

With associates in UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Uganda, India, Singapore, Malaysia and our offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, TPS Management Consultants UAE is the authorized and Licensed to provide Training and Consulting of Human Resources in the UAE.

Please download a brief introduction of our HR Advisory services here.