Excerpts from Delegate attendance Policy

132D.4 Public and In House courses: failure to attend full time



The TPS policy for public and inhouse course requires regular and punctual attendance in order for a delegate to satisfy the course requirements. Accordingly, delegates are expected to attend all sessions of the course in which they are enrolled.


Each delegate is responsible for maintaining his or her own records of attendance. As a courtesy, TPS records for each delegate will be available in the class with the “delegates hosting services officer”.


Any delegate who fails to attend at least eighty percent (80%) of the sessions of any course will be warned by the instructor in private and asked to make up for the lost time outside the courses hours depending subject to convenience of the instructor.


Individual instructors may impose a greater class attendance requirement for a particular course.


Attendance records will be based on sign-in sheets that will be circulated, by the ‘Delegates host services officer’ during each class, although an instructor may adopt a different procedure for monitoring attendance in a course.


Notwithstanding the signatures of the delegates or the absence of it, the report of the instructor shall be treated as the authentic document of a delegate’s attendance.


The instructor may allow additional absences in case the delegate has consulted with the instructor and the two have agreed to make up the lost time outside the class hours.


Delegates not complying with the 80% rule or additional absence as permitted by (VI) above may receive no other notice or warning regarding their attendance but the instructor will notify the Training Manager informing the same.


The Training Manager may in turn inform the delegate’s sponsoring authority of this non- compliance in writing or verbally. No action will be taken against such a delegate by TPS except that of informing the sponsoring authority of the same.
A. In accordance with TPS policy, absences due to religious observance will be excused. A delegate who plans to miss class for this reason should inform the Instructor with the dates on which and the specific classes for which the delegate will be absent due to religious observance.


1. Fees recived in part or in full are not refundable in any case. Transfers are possible if requested 30 days before the course dates

2.This policy shall come in force is reviced from Jan 1st 2013 and stay valid until Dec 31st 2015.

3. The policy may be amended with authorization by the Principal Consultant of TPS Management Consultants in any particular country.

4. A copy of this policy may be shared with the delegates registering for the course or informed verbally by the instructor at the opening of the course.