TPS World Learning
TPS World Learning is the Training and Learning vertical of The Powerful Solutions (TPS) – a reliable advisory to service organizations in meeting business challenges and avail opportunities ahead by empowering the employees and managers with required skills and expertise – based on latest research and world best practices. Combining the expertise of a number of global experts who have actually run business on the ground for no less than 15 years each, TPS is in a position to advise and implement The Powerful Solutions. TPS conducts both public courses and in-house program for organizations in all sectors at a number of locations besides the UAE where it has become a preferred training provider. With our middle east office in Dubai and a branch in Masdar city, Abu Dhabi,  TPS has associate resources in UK, USA, India, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand and Uganda.


  • To be the region’s number one choice for training and development services and convert every delegate of our courses into a loyal brand ambassador of our quality
  • To be the most sought after training provider and the first choice for all training and development services.
  • And finally to be a dominant market player that makes us the most celebrated brand in the world.


Our Mission is simply our name.

  • To provide the most “Powerful Solutions” for the learning objectives of our customers, to create a sustainable and productive manpower at every level, in a professionally managed manner.
  • To significantly raise the standard of training in the region in order to be a core player in the market.


Our Strategy comprises 6 step process:

    • Understand the Training needs of our clients in accordance with their business strategy and mission statement, by discussion and interaction with operational and human resource managers.
    • Design and Develop our training offerings, based on lessons learnt and expertise available anywhere in the world, to bridge the knowledge and skills gap in our customer’s organizations.
    • Promote our training offerings extensively amongst our customers and explain the exclusive benefits of using us
    • Identify, develop and motivate the very best training delivery experts to conduct the courses in a perfect adult learning atmosphere
    • Create a last relationship with our delegates for them to look up to us for solutions even beyond the class in order to implement the learning.
    • Constantly monitor and improve our strategy and performance

Core Values

  • We will conduct ourselves with integrity, transparency, reliability, and commitment to our clients, staff and vendors.
  • We are Quality orientated and will offer training of only the highest quality, no matter what that costs.
  • We treat all stake holders viz shareholders, customers, staff and vendors with utmost dignity and respect
  • We firmly believe that “talk doesn’t not cook rice” and thus or emphasis is on our slogan “we Deliver

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