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Dear Colleague in Human Capital Management
The fluctuating Oil prices, driving spending budgets down, has made it imperative for all organizations in the gulf region, to reduce the training cost per employee. While I am sure you have found your own creative ways to do so, here are two tips, based on my long experience both as a P&L head as well as a Corporate Trainer:
A. In house Training is one of the most economic way to train a larger number of employees with the same spend. Using an independent external professional trainer costs much lesser since you pay for per training day rather than a per trainee. In fact, my experience is that the cost of training an entire batch of up to 30 employees in house can be same as the cost of deputing two employee to a public course.
B. Use of technology can reduce the number of training days (and thus costs) by designing a portion for self study before and after the course, if the Trainer provide such an option without sacrificing the impact.
These are just two and I will be delighted to send you a comprehensive document on how you could reduce the Training Costs for your employees or customers while still equipping them with internationally accredited training, Please fill your details above to request this information,
Best Regards
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